DAQ Module First For Making 1-kV Measurements

DAQ Module First For Making 1-kV Measurements

The MX403B four-channel data-acquisition (DAQ) amplifier module is believed to be the only such measurement module on the market capable of making 1,000V with a resolution of 24 bits. It offers four differential, isolated channels with analog anti-aliasing filters and a 24-bit ADC. In addition, users can apply several digital filters to the acquired data. The MX403B has three measurement ranges: 10V, 100V, and 1,000V. Sampling rate is 100 ksamples/s per channel (200 ksamples/s in dual-channel mode), and signal bandwidth is up to 38 kHz (78 kHz in dual-channel mode). Accuracy is 0.05%. For more details, go to http://www.hbm.com/en/menu/products/measurement-electronics-software/compact-universal-data-acquisition-system/quantumx-mx403b

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