DAQ Instrument Adds Features, Cuts Costs

DAQ Instrument Adds Features, Cuts Costs
DATAQ Instruments Inc.

Said to cost a fraction of similarly equipped units, the DI-155 USB data acquisition instrument, includes four analog voltage channels capable of measuring from ±2.5V to ±50V full scale across eight programmable gain ranges with a conversion resolution of ±1 part in 4096. It also packs four dedicated digital inputs and four discrete digital outputs. One digital input can be used to acquire frequency data up to 10 kHz and a second to count up to 16,383 transitions. The included WinDaq data acquisition software allows users to display and record data to a PC hard drive in real time. Users also have unfettered access to the DI-155 communication protocol, allowing programmers to access the DI-155 on any Windows, Linux, or MAC operating system. A .NET control is available to Windows users who wish to interface with the DI-155 using a third-party programming language such as Visual Basic or LabVIEW. Price starts at $149 and includes a mini screw driver, USB cable, WinDaq/Lite data acquisition software, access to the data protocol, and a .NET control. A datasheet is available at http://www.dataq.com/support/documentation/pdf/datasheets/di-155ds-usb-data-acquisition.pdf  

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