Dalsa Expands Xcelera Series

WATERLOO, ONTARIO /Marketwire/ -- Dalsa Corp., a global leader in machine-vision technology, announced it has expanded its line of Xcelera frame grabbers to address different camera interfaces, including analog, LVDS and Camera Link (CL). All the new Xcelera frame grabbers are based on the PCI Express (PCIe) platform and are supported by Dalsa 's Sapera Essential software.

"Frame grabbers are no longer the only way to bring the image data in the host computer for processing," said Inder Kohli, Product Manager for Dalsa. "However, they will continue to have an important role in machine vision applications for quite some time, as they evolve from a mere point of interface to a highly complex image-processing engine. Without any dependency on the host CPU or the operating system, frame grabbers with real-time embedded processing capabilities will continue to offer predictable responses and present data in multiple formats to speed image-processing applications."

Applications for the Xcelera series include: semiconductor and electronics; automotive; medical; food inspection; paper and lumber inspection; and packaging. "Dalsa 's Xcelera series of frame grabbers continues to offer OEMs more flexibility, speed, and value."

The expansion of the Xcelera series includes expanded support for new camera interfaces and a suite of compute-intensive embedded real-time image-processing functions on the CameraLink models.

Xcelera Models
The new Xcelera models feature the following:
Xcelera CL PX4 SE model supports the full spectrum of CL cameras with more advanced processing functions, including:

  • Real-time image-processing functions (i.e., run length encoding), color space conversion for Bayer, RGB, and CIELAB
  • Multiple real-time switchable look-up tables and shading-correction configuration sets
  • All supported under Windows XP and Vista 32-, 64-bits

Xcelera-LVDS PX4 supports parallel LVDS digital cameras for PCIe x4 platform.

  • Ideal for conventional digital output cameras
  • All supported under Windows XP and Vista 32-, 64-bits

Xcelera-AN LX1 Quad is a high-performance analog frame grabber for the PCI Express x1 platform.

  • Designed to deliver concurrent image acquisition from multiple independent standard and progressive scan analog cameras.
  • All supported under Windows XP and Vista 32-, 64-bits

Xcelera frame grabbers start at an OEM quantity price of $1000. For full-resolution photos of Dalsa 's Xcelera frame grabbers, visit Dalsa 's media kit. For more product information about the new Xcelera models, visit the Frame Grabber section of our Dalsa's site.

Software Advantage
All Xcelera boards are supported by Sapera Essential, a cost-effective imaging software toolkit that bundles board-level acquisition and control with image-processing tools, providing the critical functionality to design, develop, and deploy high-performance machine-vision applications. Hardware independent, Sapera Essential offers users a single API and a comprehensive feature set, including acquisition control; image processing primitive; blob analysis; area and edge (geometric) search; color; barcode; OCR; and perspective-correction tools, with easy-to-use application development tools.

About Machine Vision Products and Services
For more than 25 years, Dalsa has led the design, manufacture, and deployment of digital-imaging components for the machine vision OEM market, and now offers vision appliances for factory floor deployment. Today, Dalsa image sensors, cameras, frame grabbers, software, and vision appliances are used in thousands of automated inspection systems around the world and across multiple industries, including semiconductor, flat panel display, electronics, automotive, medical, packaging, and general manufacturing.

About Dalsa
Dalsa Corp. is an international high-performance semiconductor and electronics company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets digital-imaging products and solutions, in addition to providing semiconductor products and services. DALSA's core competencies are in specialized integrated circuit and electronics technology, software, and highly engineered semiconductor wafer processing. Products and services include image sensor components; electronic digital cameras; vision processors; image processing software; and semiconductor wafer foundry services for use in MEMS, high-voltage semiconductors, image sensors, and mixed-signal CMOS chips. The company has its corporate offices in Waterloo, ON, and over 1000 employees worldwide.

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