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CAS DataLoggers Inc.

The Delphin Expert Key 100L and 200L from CAS DataLoggers Inc., Chesterland, OH, are data loggers for multichannel temperature measurement and high-speed signal acquisition suited for use in labs and test stands. The devices are light, have console-type housings, and can be used as tabletop or wall-mounted systems. Features include universal analog inputs for direct connection with RTDs, thermocouples, and mV/mA signals; BNC and thermo mini connectors for each analog input; ability to assign channels with up to 100 kHz individual sampling rates for simultaneous processing of temperature channels and high-speed inputs; and ProfiSignal Go software and drivers. The software enables offline and online monitoring, data analysis, and set up.

Contact Info

Company: CAS DataLoggers Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-956-4437

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