DA Software from HBM

DA Software from HBM

Perception v6.0 DA software from HBM Inc., Marlborough, MA, works with the company's Genesis DA hardware and integrates multiplatform hardware control, live data display, DA, review, analysis, report generation, and data export. Version 6.0 adds live FFT capabilities to the company's Genesis HighSpeed products, allowing you to visualize signals simultaneously in both the time and frequency domains. StatStream allows large data sets, even with Gigabytes of data, to be handled, reviewed, and analyzed in seconds. Customer-specific plug-ins created with the Customer Software Interface are integrated in the Perception operator interface so that user-specific and automated tasks can be included in the workflow.

Contact Info

Company: HBM
Country: International
Phone number: 800-578-4260
Fax: 217-328-6576

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