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Dewetron Inc.

DEWESoft v. 7 DA software from Dewetron Inc., Wakefield, RI, now features a redesigned data structure to let the math engine handle matrix channels and allows all analytical functions to be performed on data already captured (as well as on data during capture). New features include classification, rainflow counting, and short-time Fourier transform procedures for matrix channels; enhanced onscreen virtualization of resulting analyses, with 2D and 3D graphs; ability to directly open DEWESoft 7 data files in third-party software programs, including Flexpro v. 8.0.26, nCODE v.6, FAMOS, and MATLAB; ability to reload data more quickly, reloading a 10 GB file in <15 s; and the addition of the Sequencer that lets you build test procedures in the form of workflow diagrams.

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Company: Dewetron Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 401-284-3750
Fax: 401-284-3755

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