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ACCES I/O Products Inc.

DAQ-PACK Series USB-based DA systems from ACCES I/O Products Inc., San Diego, CA, offer 32, 64, 96, or 128 analog input channels; sustained sampling speeds to 500 kHz; and 12- or 16-bit resolution. Suited for precision measurement, analysis, monitoring, and control in embedded applications, the systems feature single-ended or differential inputs, a real-time internal calibration system, two 16-bit analog outputs, 16 high-current digital I/O lines, a programmable 16-bit counter, and the ability to perform signal conditioning. Groups of 8 channels are software-configurable to accept different input ranges. The systems let you add high-speed analog and digital I/O capabilities to any PC or embedded system with a USB port.

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Company: ACCES I/O Products Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 858-550-9559
Fax: 858-550-7322

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