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National Instruments

The cRIO-9075 and cRIO-9076 integrated chassis and controllers from National Instruments, Austin, TX, are part of the company's CompactRIO platform for embedded control and monitoring. Powered by reconfigurable I/O and LabVIEW FPGA technologies, the devices combine an open embedded architecture with a small footprint, ruggedness, and a range of analog, digital, motion, and communication I/O modules. The new systems combine an industrial 400 MHz Freescale real-time processor and 4-slot chassis with an embedded reconfigurable Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA for custom timing, control, and signal processing capabilities. Features include 256 MB and 512 MB nonvolatile storage, respectively, Ethernet and RS-232 communications, and four C Series module slots. The cRIO-9076 adds a USB port.

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