DA, Analysis System from LDS Test and Measurement

DA, Analysis System from LDS Test and Measurement
LDS Test and Measurement LLC

The Dimension 4i from LDS Test and Measurement LLC, Middleton, WI, combines high-speed gap-free data recording with real-time FFT analysis. The 16-channel system can stream all channels to its removable hard drive at 200 Ksps/channel and can simultaneously process frequency domain measurements at >80 kHz real-time bandwidth. Each channel uses 24-bit ADCs. Features include a 15 in. high-resolution touch screen display, DVD RW drive, PCI expansion slot, dual waveform generators, real-time digital filtering, and Perception 4.0 software to perform post analysis and advanced reporting. The modular system is initially offered with a voltage isolation input module and an accelerometer module.

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Company: LDS Test and Measurement LLC
Phone number: 608-821-6600
Fax: 608-821-6691

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