Cypress Ships 100 Million Programmable System-on-Chip Devices

SAN JOSE, Calif. /BUSINESS WIRE/-- Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announced that it has shipped over 100 million Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC) mixed-signal array devices, demonstrating wide acceptance of this high-performance, cost-effective, mixed-signal integration platform. Cypress is currently shipping PSoC devices to more than 2000 customers in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. in applications as diverse as consumer electronics, handsets, computing and networking equipment, industrial systems, and automotive systems. Cypress announced that it had surpassed the 50 million units shipped mark in December 2005.

"In less than six months, we have gone from 50 million to 100 million PSoC devices shipped, doubling our entire total for the first three years of production," said George Saul, vice president of Cypress's PSoC business. "The PSoC architecture is universally appealing due to its analog, digital, and I/O flexibility; design ease of use; and system-level cost reductions. We see customers adopting PSoC as an architectural platform, where they previously used a microcontroller, ASIC, or a standard product. With each new customer engagement, further design opportunities are generated as we develop a loyal base of PSoC enthusiasts. We are in a position to see continued strong growth both from a market perspective and from additional manufacturing capacity that Cypress continues to bring on line."

"With 100 million PSoC devices shipped into different applications, Cypress is validating a configurable and reconfigurable design model involving processors and mixed logic and the seamless visual software programming tools supporting it," said Max Baron, principal analyst at market research firm In-Stat (Scottsdale, Ariz.).

CapSense Solution Increases Demand
Cypress's new CapSense solution for capacitive interfaces is generating significant demand for PSoC devices. A single CapSense device can replace dozens of mechanical switches and controls with simple, touch-sensitive controls. CapSense-based button and slider controls are more reliable than their mechanical counterparts because they are not prone to the environmental wear-and-tear that affects exposed buttons and switches. CapSense solutions have been implemented in numerous systems and applications, including mobile phones, white goods, and consumer electronics devices. Other areas of strong growth for PSoC devices include fan motor control, battery-charging applications, and LED control.

About the PSoC Family
PSoC devices are configurable mixed-signal arrays that integrate a fast 8-bit microcontroller with many peripheral functions typically found in an embedded design. PSoC devices provide the advantages of an ASIC without the ASIC NRE or turn-around time. A single PSoC device can integrate as many as 100 peripheral functions with a microcontroller, saving customers design time, board space, and power consumption. Customers can save from 5 cents to as much as $10 in system costs. Easy to use development tools enable designers to select configurable library elements to provide analog functions, such as amplifiers, ADCs, DACs, filters and comparators, and digital functions, such as timers, counters, PWMs, SPI and UARTs. The PSoC family's analog features include rail-to-rail inputs, programmable gain amplifiers and up to 14-bit ADCs with exceptionally low noise, input leakage, and voltage offset. PSoC devices include up to 32 KB of flash memory; 2 KB of SRAM; an 8 by 8 multiplier, with 32-bit accumulator, power, and sleep monitoring circuits; and hardware Inter-IC Bus communications.

All PSoC devices are dynamically reconfigurable, enabling designers to create new system functions on the fly. Designers can achieve far greater than 100% utilization of the die, in many cases, by reconfiguring the same silicon for different functions at different times.

About Cypress
Cypress solutions perform consumer, computation, data communications, automotive, industrial, and solar. Leveraging proprietary silicon processes, Cypress's product portfolio includes a broad selection of wired and wireless USB devices, CMOS image sensors, timing solutions, specialty memories, high-bandwidth synchronous, and micropower memory products, optical solutions, and reconfigurable mixed-signal arrays. Visit us at our Web site.

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