Cypress Introduces Automotive Image Sensor Evaluation Kit

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has introduced an evaluation kit for its award-winning automotive image sensor technology. The ECK100 kit provides a complete lab bench evaluation platform, including a miniature camera head with CMOS imager, Windows-based management software, an FPGA control box, cables and power supply, and an application programming interface. The kit enables designers to quickly develop automotive safety systems using Cypress's image sensor technology for such applications as night vision, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot detection, lane departure warning systems, collision mitigation, driver drowsiness monitoring and pedestrian detection.

Cypress's automotive imagers promise superior image quality in any lighting condition, improving the performance of applications and algorithms that rely on the quality of video. Cypress's Autobrite adaptive wide dynamic range technology is the industry's best -- adapting up to 120 dB, 1000-times greater than a standard CMOS or CCD camera, for optimal performance in varied lighting. In addition, the imager's near-infrared (IR) sensitivity and exceptional low light sensitivity enhance data capture at night, contributing to overall safety system performance.

"As the automotive industry has intensified its focus on proactive ways to assist drivers in avoiding accidents, Cypress has seen a wide range of safety applications based on imaging technology," said Rich Hicks, director of Cypress's automotive business unit. "The ECK100 Evaluation Camera Kit gives innovative automotive designers all the tools they need to quickly and efficiently implement safety system demonstrations that take full advantage of our combination of adaptable wide dynamic range and high sensitivity."

Cypress offers a VGA 1/3-inch monochrome CMOS imager. Internal 12-bit image correction, exposure control and post-processing ensure data integrity. The technology produces a quality image over a temperature range of -40 C to 85 C, a feature unmatched by other automotive technology. This flexibility means that system makers can use one technology for a wide range of safety and convenience applications, increasing unit volume and thereby reducing cost while improving supply chain management and time to market.

The ECK100 Evaluation Camera Kit is currently available and is priced from $3,500 to $5,000 depending on options. A photo of the kit is available at

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