Cypher Unveils Groundbreaking Mobile Phone Noise Elimination Technology

SOUTH JORDAN, UT – Cypher unveils its mobile phone voice-isolation software, a breakthrough solution that addresses poor mobile phone audio quality and dramatically improves the voice quality of mobile telephone calls made in noisy environments.

Despite the ever-increasing power and sophistication of modern cellphones, attempts to improve mobile audio quality have had limited results. Taking an innovative approach, Cypher uses technology that detects the sound pattern of the human voice through patented algorithms and ignores virtually everything else.

"Cypher's technology provides an answer to the longstanding frustration with poor cell phone voice quality," said John Walker, Cypher's COO and Co-Founder. "Instead of approaching background noise from an audio hardware perspective, we took a mathematical, software-based approach in detecting and separating acoustic signals to isolate the human voice as opposed to attempting to identify and block the infinite variety of background sounds."

The result, as shown in standards-based testing, is a 99 percent reduction in noise, a 20 percent improvement in audio quality, and a significant improvement in the sound quality of leading smartphones on the market.

Unlike traditional noise reduction methods and emerging HD voice technologies, Cypher does not rely on the acoustical design of hardware or on network bandwidth upgrades. Instead, Cypher's software can be seamlessly integrated into virtually any operating system. As a result, it is easier to implement than hardware solutions, while offering superior performance at a fraction of the cost of the competing technology on the market.

"One usually attempts to solve a problem like this with hardware," said John Yoon, Cypher's Vice President of Product Design. "Mobile phones now have incredible amounts of processing power. Our solution harnesses that power through a minimal software footprint and does not require manufacturers to use another chip."

In July, Cypher was named one of the Top 25 Under 5 by the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum. Founded in 2012 with $2.5 million in seed funds, Cypher is embarking on an institutional round of funding. Awarded a significant patent for voice print technology in June 2013, Cypher has additional patents filed and in process.

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