CyberOptics to Unveil the New ReticleSense Airborne Particle Sensor (APSR) and Showcase the Family of WaferSense Measurement Devices at SEMICON Korea

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- CyberOptics Corporation will unveil the new ReticleSense Airborne Particle Sensor (APSR) at the SEMICON Korea Conference from February 12-14th at Booth # 1403, C Hall, COEX, Seoul, Korea.

“Equipment engineers rely on WaferSense to provide objective, reliable data in real-time, to enable repeatable set-up and streamline fab processes at the same time”

With APSR, equipment engineers can wirelessly monitor airborne particles in semiconductor process equipment where reticles are implemented without opening the tool. APSR speeds equipment qualification and release to production, shortens equipment maintenance cycles and lowers equipment expenses. This reticle measurement device is an extension of the wafer-shaped WaferSense Airborne Particle Sensor (APS) that has been in use since 2011.

“As semiconductor fabs continue to focus on improving productivity and streamlining manufacturing processes, CyberOptics continues its commitment to develop and offer unique, innovative measurement devices that improve yields, increase tool uptime and lower costs. Our proven technology has been designed in with major semiconductor equipment OEMs, and is widely in use today at semiconductor fabs worldwide where they are recognizingexponential returns on invested capital,” said Subodh Kulkarni, President and CEO, CyberOptics.

In addition to revealing the new ReticleSense APSR, CyberOptics will also showcase the entire wireless WaferSense measurement devices that provide specialized solutions to improve fab yields and equipment uptime. The wafer-shaped measurement solutions are used in many areas of the fab, including thin film, photo tracks, diffusion, etch, implant, metallization, reticle manufacturing, transport, and automation. “Equipment engineers rely on WaferSense to provide objective, reliable data in real-time, to enable repeatable set-up and streamline fab processes at the same time,” said Mark Hannaford, Director of Sales and Marketing, CyberOptics.

Adopted by the semiconductor industry since 2004, the award-winning WaferSense product line addresses specialized needs related to leveling, with the Auto Leveling Sensor (ALS), gap measurement, with the Auto Gapping Sensor, (AGS), robot teaching, with the Auto Teaching Sensor (ATS), vibration measurement, with the Auto Vibration Sensor (AVS), and airborne particle detection, with the Airborne Particle Sensor (APS). All are available in 200mm, 300mm and 450mm wafer sizes.

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