CX2 Announces Consulting Agreement with GEOCommand

BOCA RATON, FL /Marketwire/ -- CX2 Technologies Inc. announced the signing of a consulting agreement with GEOCommand Inc., a developer of homeland security software for emergency responders. CX2 and GEOCommand have partnered to design and develop software that uses the CX2 wireless, IP-based narrowband network and CX2 data modems to integrate weather, radiation, chemical, and biological sensor data with GEOCommand's Dynamic Server technology.

The new software, in combination with CX2 and GEOCommand technology, will allow emergency responders to use near real-time data in a mobile environment. The new solution allows first responders to share high-level geographic information system (GIS) information with an emergency operations center and other responders in the field, using a low-cost and spectrum-efficient solution. Shared information can include geospatial mapping, site pre-plans, and automatic vehicle location (AVL).

On April 30, 2007, GEOCommand demonstrated an emergency response solution prototype using CX2 technology at the Department of Homeland Security's Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, AL. The prototype successfully integrated a sensor network with GEOCommand's Dynamic Server and Mobile Module software. The demonstration successfully incorporated data from remote weather and radiation sensors, using CX2 data radios with embedded GPS.

On October 23, 2007, GEOCommand, with the assistance of CX2 Technologies, demonstrated GEOCommand's interoperable GIS data communications solution integrated with a narrowband sensor network. The demonstration took place at Tech Fair 2007 in Washington, DC, before members of the House Homeland Security Committee and the Department of Homeland Security. During the demonstration, GEOCommand displayed data from a neutron detector and portable radiation sensor. The demonstration showed that the solutions offered by GEOCommand and CX2 adhered to the 9/11 Commission's recommendation to create communications interoperability by combining existing frequencies with new world technologies.

GEOCommand President Albert Koenigsberg stated that the company is "very enthusiastic about this collaborative effort with CX2 Technologies. It is our belief that even though there is a significant amount of radio frequency set aside for a public safety network, the public/private partnership will need the proper field data imported from different radio frequencies. There are only 10 MHz of spectrum that both the commercial operator and public safety will share in the future."

CX2 Technologies President Michael Rand stated that "with the collaboration between GEOCommand and CX2 Technologies, the CX2 line of low-cost, spectrum-efficient products will provide a communications pipeline, allowing the GEOCommand Dynamic Server Module to give the responder near real-time data on the way to an emergency. The Federal Communications Commission currently has available frequencies set aside for both public safety and federal use, and we believe that making use of these frequencies will help lower the cost of implementation for our target markets."

With the assistance of CX2 Technologies, GEOCommand is scheduled to implement its new technology in a citywide data network in March of this year. The data network, built for a fire department in the Northeast, will provide remote and mobile weather, chemical, biological, radiation, and nuclear sensor information; AVL; GIS mapping; and site pre-plans.

About CX2
CX2 Technologies Inc. is a wireless operator and solutions provider using the 220–222 MHz frequency band. The company provides proprietary wireless data technology and software designed to work optimally in the very narrowband 5 KHz channels.

About GEOCommand
GEOCommand Inc. designs, develops, and markets the GEOCommand suite of software products as a cost-competitive emergency-response solution for the public safety sector. GEOCommand products combine engineering excellence with GIS and wireless communications expertise. In addition to being an industry leader, GEOCommand serves as an advocate for America's first-responder community and has filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission in support of a nationwide voice, data, and video network. GEOCommand is an Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc. authorized business partner.

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