Custom Sapphire Optics Are Impervious To Chemicals

Custom Sapphire Optics Are Impervious To Chemicals

The company’s custom sapphire optics safely integrate into medical instruments that come in frequent contact with the skin, blood, medications, cleaners, and other harsh chemicals. They are suitable for use in high-value medical and laboratory instruments because of the inherent durability of sapphire, which features Moh 9 hardness. Impervious to harsh chemicals, chlorine and fluorine gas, and blood, clear and durable sapphire optics transmit from the UV to 4.7 microns. Manufactured in 1/4” to 10” dia. sizes; round or square, concave or convex, and flat or stepped, to precise OEM specifications, the optics can be finished with holes, edge treatments, and coatings to enhance transmission to beyond 99%, depending upon thickness. Flatness can be held to 1/10th wave, parallelism to 2 arc-sec., and surface finishes to less than 0.5 mm. For more info, go to 

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