Custom MEMS Component Production

CROLLES, France /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Tronic's Microsystems, a contract manufacturer of custom MEMS components for demanding applications, announced that it is extending its capabilities for design, front-end/back-end manufacturing, and electronic interfacing of MEMS components supported by a 1.7MEUR financial round with its institutional investors.

The French manufacturer, which recently completed an upgrade of its facility from 4 in. to 6 in. wafer technology, is now installing new dedicated characterization and test equipment. It also has integrated new competencies in electronic interfacing of MEMS transducers and is broadening its back-end offer with high-vacuum, wafer-level packaging solutions for high-performance products, such as inertial sensors. The increased capabilities will enable Tronic's to serve customer demand in growing global markets with more advanced product solutions and complete development and manufacturing services, including packaging and testing.

" Tronic's has experienced strong revenue growth and tripled production output since opening the Crolles facility in October 2003," said Peter Pfluger, CEO of Tronic's Microsystems. "The company has confirmed its leadership in transforming complex custom-MEMS concepts into completely industrialized high-performance products. Tronic's will build on its momentum with these extended custom MEMS-manufacturing capabilities and broaden the services offered to its partners, while serving new categories of customers."

Tronic's enhanced capabilities will meet steadily increasing requirements on sensors for both medical and industrial uses. Moreover, the upgrade also addresses the needs of a growing number of customer projects in microfluidics and life-science applications, which will benefit from the enhanced toolbox and production capacities.

The 1.7MEUR in fourth-round venture backing, which was concluded on May 12, will partially fund the capacity and capability expansions. All previous investors participated in the recent round: CDC Entreprises Innovation, Sercel, Credit Agricole Private Equity, Schneider Electric Ventures, CEA Valorisation, and IXCore.

"Tronic's Microsystems' management has strengthened the company's leading-edge position, gathering interest from top-tier customers in Europe, the U.S., and Asia and has positioned the company for continued growth in the MEMS industry," said Michel de Lempdes, investment manager at Credit Agricole Private Equity. Tronic's has received 15MEUR in total investment to support its continuous growth and consolidate its business development since its founding in 1997.

About Tronic's Microsystems SA
Tronic's Microsystems is a flexible manufacturer of custom MEMS components for demanding applications. The company has gained industry recognition for its experience and expertise in customizing, industrializing, and producing high-performance, high-value-add custom MEMS products. Tronic's is an industry leader for the production of custom MEMS components on SOI. Additional information is available on the company's Web site.

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