Custom Detector Chip Packaging Available For Small Runs

Custom Detector Chip Packaging Available For Small Runs
Marktech Optoelectronics

Marktech Optoelectronics's newly enhanced capability to custom package photo detectors, photodiodes, photo transistors, and avalanche photodiodes is available for small runs. Marktech has recently teamed with photonics industry veteran Georgios Papadopoulos to expand Marktech's custom silicon detector design and manufacturing capabilities. Silicon detectors have a spectral sensitivity range of 400nm to 1100nm for applications requiring high speed, consistency, and high reliability such as optical communications, medical diagnostics, bar code readers, missile guidance, Lidar, and more. Marktech's detector die can be placed in a variety of packages from metal can TO-5, TO-8, and TO-18, to surface mount COB, flex circuits, and standard 3 mm and 5 mm plastic packages. View the product selector guide at

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