Current Sensors Offer Reliability and Long-Term Stability

Current Sensors Offer Reliability and Long-Term Stability

The Powertron PCS Series current sensor family boasts exceptional long-term stability, reliability, and performance. The components employ proprietary Bulk Metal Foil technology, combining high-precision resistors with both high power and a low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR). Units are offered in 73 unique standard packages, with resistance ranges from 1 mΩ to 10Ω, a TCR down to 3 ppm, and load stability and resistance tolerances to ±0.01%. They are lead free and RoHS compliant. To meet 30W power requirements, the series can be mounted to an external heat sink. This allows them to provide three times more rated power than any other comparable industry model. For more details, visit  

Vishay Precision Group Inc.
Malvern, PA

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