Current Sensor Sets Speed & Accuracy Benchmarks

Allegro MicroSystems’ ACS70310 Hall effect current sensor IC achieves the company’s highest speed and accuracy in sensing applications greater than 400A. Suitable for hybrid and electric vehicle inverter applications that need high accuracy sensing to 1,000A or more, the ACS70310 offers diagnostic functions that can help improve functional safety and reliability."


The ACS70310 linear current sensor IC achieves ±1.2% sensitivity and ±5 mV of offset error over the automotive temperature range of –40°C to +150°C.  By providing both short circuit and over-current detection, the device delivers an analog output voltage proportional to the applied magnetic field. Providing improved safety, the output has a response time of 2 µs and a typical operating bandwidth of 240 kHz.

An on-board supply regulator enables the supply pin to survive voltages of ±18V to protect against reverse battery connection, and the output pin can survive voltages of +16 to -6V. 


The ACS70310 is field programmable to optimize both the sensitivity and offset after assembly into the final system. Several other parameters are also programmable. See the ACS70310 datasheet for complete details.

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