Current Sensor IC Is User Programmable

Current Sensor IC Is User Programmable
Allegro MicroSystems

The A1369 debuts as a user-programmable linear Hall effect-based current sensor IC in a thin three-pin SIP for easy integration with a magnetic core. The programmable nature of the A1369 enables it to account for manufacturing tolerances in the final current sensing module assembly. It features one-time programming (OTP) using non-volatile memory and the company programs the sensitivity temperature coefficient and QVO temperature coefficient at its end of line testing to simplify programming requirements for the user. This ratiometric Hall effect sensor IC provides a voltage output that is proportional to the applied magnetic field. The quiescent voltage output is user adjustable around 50% of the supply voltage and output sensitivity is programmable within a range of 8.5 mV/G to 12.5 mV/G for the A1369EUA-10-T and 22 mV/G to 26 mV/G for the A1369EUA-24-T. Both A1369EUA-10-T and A1369EUA-24-T are priced at $0.94 each/1,000. A datasheet for your perusal is conveniently located at

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