Current Sensing IC from Sendyne

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Sendyne Corp.

The SFP100 from Sendyne Corp., New York, NY, is a high-precision current sensing IC designed to address battery monitoring in energy storage systems, such as those used for electric vehicles, grid storage, and photovoltaic arrays. The IC simultaneously measures bidirectional DC current across a resistive shunt, provides internally accumulated coulomb counting information, offers accurate voltage measurement, and measures temperature at 4 points using two 24-bit Sigma Delta ADCs. Max. offset error measured across a shunt has a value of <150 nV, regardless of the shunt resistance, without calibration, and through the entire –40°C to 125°C automotive temperature range. It communicates to the host system over a simple serial interface and is qualified to AECQ100.

Contact Info

Company: Sendyne Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 212-966-0600

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