Current Limiters & NTC Sensing Thermistors Abound

Ametherm’s lineup for EDS 2018 will include a wide range of NTC and PTC inrush current limiters and NTC thermistor sensors. Inrush current limiters include the MM35-DIN series NTC thermistors designed to withstand high input energy of 1200 J and steady-state currents from 50A to 80A at 680V. Offered in DIN-rail-mountable packages, they are optimized for high-power industrial and green energy applications, including variable frequency motor drives, wind turbines, large inverters, single- and three-phase motors, and transformers. The MM35-DIN series features resistance at 25°C from 0.2Ω to 1.5Ω, with maximum power of 38.4W.


PTC circuit protection thermistors include the ceramic CL20 series for pre-charge circuits, degaussing circuits, and heater applications. The devices deliver voltage ratings up to 750 V and maximum energy ratings to 700J while offering four resistance values at 25 °C from 7.0Ω to 100Ω to accommodate a variety of pre-charge times. These resistance values remain unchanged over the typical operating temperature range of -40°C to +110°C. Providing high reliability and stability in high-voltage applications, CL20 series thermistors can withstand hundreds of hits of maximum inrush current without degrading.

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NTC sensing thermistors include the PANR 103395-342 probe assembly with a ring lug for easy and secure mounting to battery terminals. The device is extremely accurate and experiences minimal drift from its initial electrical values to provide a high-stability replacement for thermocouples. The temperature probe features a high-dielectric withstand voltage, resistance at 25°C of 10 kΩ, beta of 3950° K, and dissipation constant of 8 mW/°C.


In addition, Ametherm’s ACCU-Curve series interchangeable NTC thermistors include the ACL-011, groomed for medical, industrial, and automotive applications. The device features insulated tinned-copper leads, ensuring the most accurate temperature sensing with no unintended conduction between leads. Offering a diameter of 1.524 mm and 32 AWG leads, the epoxy-coated thermistor features resistance at 25°C of 50 kΩ, with a tolerance of ± 1 %. The ACL-011 offers Beta of 3950°K, a dissipation constant of 3 mW/°C, maximum power rating of 50 mW, and an operating temperature range of - 40°C to + 125°C.


For more details, visit Ametherm or call the company at 800-808-2434 (toll free in the United States) or 775-884-2434 from outside the U.S. and Canada.

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