Current Limiters Cut Power, Costs, And Board Space

Current Limiters Cut Power, Costs, And Board Space

The SCLT3-8BQ7 and CLT01-38SQ7 digital-input current limiters provide industrial programmable logic controllers (PLCs) with fast, robust protection against unwanted input-signal current spikes while reducing power consumption, board space, and component costs.
Both devices are housed in QFN-48L (7 mm x 7 mm) packages with a large exposed thermal pad that optimizes power dissipation at ambient temperatures greater than +100ºC. Features include eight high-speed SPI protected outputs, an 8-/16-bit high-speed SPI output, high-side inputs with common ground, integrated 5V regulator, 30V+ reverse polarity protection, an energy-free LED output signal for visual status indication, 78-mW/channel power-dissipation capability, and temperature/voltage alarm options. The SCLT3-8BQ7 and CLT01-38SQ7 available in volume at $0.90 each/1,000.

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Company: STMicroelectronics
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