CTS Awarded Production Program for New Smart Actuator

ELKHART, IN /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- CTS Corp. announced that CTS Automotive Products was awarded a production program for its new smart actuator for use on a series of industrial engines produced by a major manufacturer of heavy equipment. This newly developed brushless DC actuator, containing many innovative features, is the first application of a CTS actuator specifically targeted for the commercial market.

These actuators incorporate new onboard system integration technology with features designed specifically for high-temperature and extremely harsh environment applications. The actuators will be built in one of CTS' state-of-the-art facilities in North America. Total sales from the awards are expected to reach approximately $10 million over the initial seven years of the program, with production beginning this year. The strategy to diversify into new markets, with new customers and applications for CTS' technology is on track.

For more information on CTS actuator products, please contact Scott Childers at 574-389-2806.

About CTS Automotive
CTS Automotive Products is a global leader in the design, test, and manufacture of automotive sensors, accelerator pedal modules, actuators, and subsystems. Recognized for its customer responsiveness and expertise in high-volume automotive packaging, CTS Automotive Products is focused on delivering value-added products and services to its expanding worldwide customer base. The company manufactures automotive and related products in Elkhart, Indiana; Toronto, Canada; Glasgow, Scotland; Ostrava, Czech Republic; Matamoros, Mexico; Kaohsiung, Taiwan; and Zhongshan, China.

About CTS
CTS Corp. is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic components and sensors and a provider of electronics manufacturing services to OEMs in the automotive, computer, communications, medical, defense and aerospace, and industrial markets. CTS manufactures products in North America, Europe, and Asia.