CTS Adds 64 PPR Model to 291 Series of Optical Encoders

LISLE, IL --- CTS Corporation has added a 64 PPR model to the 291 series of optical encoders. This technology was developed to accommodate applications demanding greater rotational accuracy within the industrial, medical and transportation markets.

CTS’s 291 Series of optical encoders has traditionally offered highly reliable digital output and long rotational life by utilizing its signature non-contacting design. The latest addition to the product line provides greater resolution (64PPR) in a compact size (12 mm) without sacrificing longevity (three million cycles without detent). Both pin and cable versions of the product are available in two channel quadrature output.

This technology is especially suited for applications such as stage lighting and professional audio controls, medical panel controls, communication systems, and applications within the transportation industry such as audio system controls and navigation system controls.

For more information, visit http://www.ctscorp.com

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