CTEK Power, Inc. announces a partnership with Pirelli for the Los Angeles-based P Zero World. Launched to the media and celebrities in a star-studded grand opening last summer, P Zero World is the first of a new premium retail and brand experience for Pirelli. Centers such as this will be opened in key cities around the world, offering class-leading products and world-class service for drivers who expect the very best.

Part of the overall experience when entering P Zero World is the stunning array of Pirelli-shod vehicles for visitors to admire. Among the CTEK products in use at P Zero World are the MUS 4.3 battery chargers. These “smart chargers” communicate with the battery to ensure it is fully charged and maintained. They are also able to recondition the battery if it is suffering from common problems such as acid stratification.

Like all CTEK chargers, the MUS 4.3 uses a multi-stage charging process, eight steps in this case, to ensure optimal charging. In fact, independent tests have proven that regular battery maintenance can extend battery life by up to three times – a statistic that becomes more significant when many supercars tuck their batteries out of sight to obtain perfect weight distribution, but make battery changes expensive and time-consuming.

Among the CTEK accessories provided to P Zero World is the CTEK Battery Sense. This ingenious device puts battery knowledge in your pocket thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity. It allows users to pair it with their smartphone, gaining access to battery status and push notifications to remind you to check and charge the battery.

All CTEK battery chargers can be connected to a vehicle safely and indefinitely without damaging either the battery or the vehicle’s delicate electronics. The CTEK Battery Sense perfectly complements this feature by ensuring the owner can regularly and remotely check on battery condition. So whether it’s a daily driver that has been exposed to snow all weekend, a beloved classic that sits out the winter, or a powersports machine that doesn’t get used once the mercury drops, Battery Sense will keep you informed about battery condition and the vehicle’s status. It means you’ll know it’s ready to go whenever you are!

Installing Battery Sense to the display vehicles as they arrive at P Zero World means Prestige Activation Manager Kevin Hinton instantly knows the status of each car. He knows if it’s ready to drive or should be charged beforehand. Of course, the best way to keep a car in top condition is to keep the battery fully charged – even new cars, which typically suffer parasitic losses from their electrical systems while parked. With his CTEK battery management solutions, Kevin will keep the cars at P Zero World connected and primed for action.

CTEK Battery Chargers and Battery Sense are available from leading automotive outlets such as Turn 14 and Amazon.

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