CSC Launches OmniLocation Visibility Service Suite

FALLS CHURCH, VA /PRNewswire/ -- CSC (NYSE:CSC) announced the launch of its OmniLocation suite of enterprise visibility solutions. The offering will provide public and private sector companies with a new level of visibility to improve the safety, security and efficiency of their employees and operations.

OmniLocation integrates location-based systems data, such as GPS and RFID, with static and dynamic information about people, equipment, vehicles, assets and infrastructure. Organizations can monitor the real-time location and status of assets in motion or at rest through a single, interactive, real-world Web interface using Google Earth products and Web 2.0 methods. In addition, the interface can integrate multiple location and mobile asset tracking systems, including inventory management, vehicle tracking, access control, and status and maintenance schedules of infrastructure.

OmniLocation is available in three service offerings designed for specific needs: Location Object Field Tracking (LOFT), Location Intelligence Safety Application (LISA), and Chain of Custody Asset Tracking (CoCAT).

OmniLocation's LOFT solution is designed to help organizations visualize, protect and account for mobile assets including lone workers (e.g., pipeline inspectors) and vehicles in the field. It provides a contextual, user-friendly view of objects tracked from three sources—overall perspective, current data reports and historical background. LOFT underwent a test drive during the Amgen Tour of California professional cycling race, giving cycling fans a "bird's-eye view" of the race by tracking riders online during the race.

LISA enables organizations to visualize people, vehicles and assets that are moving or dispersed throughout a facility. The solution integrates indoor (RFID) and outdoor (GPS) location information data, object attributes, communications, and context and association information to track, map and model enterprise operations in real-time. LISA combines situation awareness with location information to help improve safety and security, prevent accidents and can be used to account for personnel in an emergency.

CoCAT provides companies with reliable accountability and a visible chain of custody during the transportation of high value, hazardous or dangerous materials to help eliminate fraud and comply with materials handling legislation. The solution combines fleet, asset and identity management, and biometrics with location tracking information (GPS and RFID) to verify and monitor truck, trailer, driver-custodian, shipper and receiver authentication.

"Lack of visibility of people, assets, vehicles and infrastructure blinds organizations to safety, security and efficiency issues, and can be measured in unrealized profitability as well as lost revenue, productivity and theft," said Daniel Munyan, Logistics Solution Architect for CSC's North American Public Sector business unit. "OmniLocation integrates real-time location technology, sensor data, context information and legacy enterprise applications to create useful communications and presentation tools for our clients. In addition, CSC's commitment to ongoing research and development ensures that OmniLocation implementations are scalable and support a high degree of customization."

About CSC
CSC is a leading information technology (IT) services company. CSC's mission is to be a global leader in providing technology-enabled business solutions and services.

With approximately 90,000 employees, CSC provides innovative solutions for customers around the world by applying leading technologies and CSC's own advanced capabilities. These include systems design and integration; IT and business process outsourcing; applications software development; Web and application hosting; and management consulting. Headquartered in Falls Church, VA, CSC reported revenue of $16.5 billion for the 12 months ended March 28, 2008.

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