Crossmatch Verifier Sentry Named GSN Biometric Identification Device of 2015

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL -- Crossmatch's Verifier® Sentry handheld has been awarded the Biometric Identification Device of 2015 by Government Security News (GSN).

The award was bestowed as part of GSN's annual Airport, Seaport and Border Security Awards competition which recognizes the accomplishments of technology companies, government agencies, scientists and executives, transportation and law enforcement agencies and the many others whose technology solutions secure our borders.

Launched in late 2014, the Verifier Sentry is designed to authenticate the identity of an individual using their secure credentials and biometrics. The Android-based handheld rapidly reads credential documents and verifies the credential holder's identity by matching their biometric recorded at time of credential issuance to a livescan of the same. Alternatively, the Verifier Sentry can transmit an unknown subject's fingerprint to a remote AFIS for processing and matching, clearly displaying the results on the touch screen.

The Verifier Sentry incorporates a FAP 30 single finger sensor as recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) (Industry Report 7950) and meets PIV-071006 certification requirements. The handheld also provides the ability to capture PIV-specified pictures for facial recognition.

"The Verifier Sentry represents a highly flexible platform for identification and authentication applications," noted Curt Chandler, mobile solutions product manager at Crossmatch. "Combined with third party or Crossmatch developed applications, such as Mobile ID, or incorporating the optional pistol grip barcode reader accessory, the handheld is ideal for law enforcement, border control and homeland security officers that require mobility and autonomous operational capabilities."

Credentials supported by the handheld include federal ID cards such as PIV, CAC and TWIC, ICAO 9303 standard ePassports, as well as numerous state, local and national IDs. The Verifier Sentry can be configured to read any contact or contactless smart card chip and decode numerous security protocols, including MRZ, PDF 417 and other barcodes.

Offered with Verifier Sentry is Commander™, a mobile device management tool that provides the secure communications tunnel to the handheld and remote matching databases, protecting data integrity and personal privacy. Match requests from multiple Verifier Sentry devices are aggregated by the centralized Commander application into a single secure connection with one or more matching databases. In addition, Commander enables administrators to locate, lock or even wipe Verifier Sentry devices in the field, as well as control who logs in and at what times. "It provides IT managers the central control of their fleet of Sentry devices including the ability to configure options, perform watchlist management tasks and push approved applications, all in a secure environment," noted Chandler.

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