Crossbow Announces Internet Gateway for Wireless Sensors

SAN JOSE, CA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Crossbow Technology, Inc., a leading supplier of wireless sensor technology and inertial MEMS sensors for navigation and control, has announced the availability of Stargate Netbridge, its next generation internet gateway with built-in embedded applications for immediate access to wireless sensor data from any browser.

The Stargate Netbridge simplifies access to wireless sensor data by integrating sensor network management, data visualization and Web server, data logging, and traffic management into a single compact package. It eases the process for connecting Crossbow's wireless sensor nodes to an existing IP network, thus helping to streamline the creation of wireless sensor network applications. Developers benefit from the following:

  • No need to add and manage a separate computer and/or additional software or devices


  • Set up in minutes, not hours, thus expediting overall wireless sensor network provisioning


  • Immediate access to real-time data from wireless sensors from any Web browser

"Our customers have been looking for ways to help simplify and expedite wireless sensor network development," said Robert Robinson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Crossbow. "The Stargate Netbridge with its preloaded and preconfigured sensor network applications functions as a standalone, truly plug-and-play all-in-one device that reduces setup, configuration, and administration overhead and allows immediate access to sensor data from any browser."

The Stargate Netbridge is built on an Intel IXP420 XScale processor running at 266 MHz and comes preloaded with Crossbow's XServe sensor network management software and MoteExplorer data visualization application. It also includes Debian Linux, a full fledged standard Linux distribution for the ARM architecture. The Stargate Netbridge contains one wired Ethernet and two USB 2.0 ports, 8 MB of program FLASH, 32 MB of RAM and a 2 GB USB 2.0 system disk.

Pricing and availability
The Stargate Netbridge is priced at $449 and is available for purchase from select retailers and online directly at Sales inquiries may be directed to [email protected].

About Crossbow Technology
Founded in 1995, Crossbow Technology, Inc. is the leading end-to-end solutions supplier of wireless sensor networks and inertial sensor systems. Crossbow has shipped over 500,000 sensors to over 1000 customers, including select Fortune 100 companies, for diverse applications such as industrial automation, building monitoring, home automation, environmental control, defense, security and asset tracking.

Crossbow is leading the revolution for connecting the physical world with the digital world through wireless sensor networks. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Crossbow has offices in China, Japan and Switzerland and distributors in 24 countries worldwide. The company is privately held. Its major investors include the Cambria Group, Cisco Systems, Intel Capital, Morgenthaler Ventures, and Paladin Capital. Crossbow Technology is a registered trademark of Crossbow Technology, Inc.

Copyright 2007 Crossbow Technology, Inc.

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