Crossbow and Microsoft Collaborate

SAN JOSE, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Crossbow Technology Inc., a leading supplier of wireless sensor technology and inertial MEMS sensors for navigation and control, announced the Imote2.Builder for .NET Micro Framework, the Imote2 SDK based on the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework. The Imote2.Builder is the industry's first set of tools for accelerating the development of entirely new wireless sensor applications on the Marvell PXA hardware platform on which the Imote2 is built. Crossbow's Imote2.Builder combined with the recently introduced Imote2 product line provides new developers with the following:

  • Rapid prototyping of wireless sensor applications by creating proof of concept in hours or days, not weeks or months


  • Quick, familiar debugging using Microsoft's Visual Studio environment to shift the focus to the code, not the tools


  • Built on the Marvell PXA271 XScale ARM-based microprocessor, an "industry first," this platform supports applications involving data-rich problems

"The Imote2.Builder will make it easy for developers working in the world's largest development environment to experiment with wireless sensor applications by bringing Microsoft's proven development tools to Imote2, one of the most powerful and flexible wireless sensor platforms on the market today," said Mike Dierks, COO of Crossbow.

"The Crossbow Imote2 and the .NET Micro Framework are a great matchup. Together they reduce the complexity of the sensor development environment and greatly increase the productivity of developers in this space. In this way, they can contribute to the proliferation of robust, powerful wireless sensor applications," said Colin Miller, Product Unit Manager of the .NET Micro Framework at Microsoft. "Using the Imote2.Builder, developers can expedite and simplify the development of wireless sensor applications, capitalizing on the premier development tools of Visual Studio and robustness and reliability of .NET."

The new Imote2.Builder for .NET Micro Framework includes 3 Imote2 modules, 2 sensor boards, the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework SDK, an evaluation copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, and everything required to allow engineers and developers to quickly and seamlessly create robust wireless sensor applications. It will be available in Q3 and priced at $990. Advance sales inquiries may be directed to [email protected].

Crossbow is showcasing a prototype Imote2.Builder and demonstrating an application using the .NET Micro Framework at the Sensors Expo and Conference in Chicago, Illinois on June 12-13. To learn more about the collaboration and the Imote2.Builder, please contact Shana Jacob at [email protected].

About Crossbow Technology
Founded in 1995, Crossbow Technology Inc. is the leading end-to-end solutions supplier of wireless sensor networks and inertial sensor systems. Crossbow has shipped over 500,000 sensors to over 1000 customers, including select Fortune 100 companies, for diverse applications, such as industrial automation, building monitoring, home automation, environmental control, defense, security, and asset tracking.

Crossbow is leading the revolution for connecting the physical world with the digital world through wireless sensor networks. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Crossbow has offices in China, Japan, and Switzerland and distributors in 24 countries worldwide. The company is privately held. Its major investors include the Cambria Group, Cisco Systems, Intel Capital, Morgenthaler Ventures, and Paladin Capital. For more information, visit the company's Web site.

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