Crocus Technology introduces the highest dynamic range TMR magnetic field sensor

Santa Clara, CA --- Crocus Technology announces the availability of the CT219 magnetic field sensor. With industry leading high sensitivity, the CT219 could make older technologies obsolete due to its contactless nature and high dynamic range when used in the recommended close-loop solution. The CT219 makes it safer to deal with high currents and voltage, significantly reduces the size and weight when replacing Current Transformers, and drives green technology designs when used for IoT or green applications such as current monitoring and even GFCI applications. The CT219 is also capable of measuring, with high accuracy, linear-distance movements induced by a magnetic field in applications such as gear measurements, servo-controlled motion systems, printers, automotive, and robotics.

Key advantages include:

• Contactless Current Sensing
• Contactless Linear Position Sensing
• Wide dynamic range capable of measuring currents from few mA to hundreds of Amps
• Excellent linearity - Error under 0.5% of full-scale (when implemented in closed-loop system)
• High Sensitivity ~ 80mV/mT
• Small form factor JEDEC SOT-26 package
• High temperature stability from -40 to 125°C

The CT219 is based on Crocus’ patented Magnetic Logic Unit™ (MLU™), a Tunnel Magnetoresistance (TMR) sensor technology that includes an integrated CMOS process. The CT219 is in full production and offered in a JEDEC SOT-26 package in tape and reel shipment method. Production samples are orderable worldwide through our authorized distributors: Future Electronics, Mouser, Comtech, and Weikeng International.

Checkout the datasheet at

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