Crocus Technology Introduces a High-Sensitivity, Nano-Power TMR Digital Switch

SANTA CLARA, CA -- Crocus Technology announces the availability of the CT51x digital switch, the first in a series of fully integrated digital sensors the company has launched. This family of devices accommodates a wide range of applications with larger air gaps, smaller magnetic fields, and significantly lower power consumption. The CT51x enables high-accuracy position detection, control and power switching functions with high sensitivity and reliability that system designers demand for today's IoT, consumer and industrial applications.

When used as a proximity switch, the CT51x can detect window or door movement in intrusion alarm systems and appliances. The digital switch can also activate wake-up and sleep modes in mobile devices such as laptops with lid open/closed detection with extremely low power consumption. The CT51x also measures rotation speed in battery-powered smart flow meters and can act as a safeguard against tampering in smart utility meters where annual losses surpass a billion dollars.

The Crocus CT51x TMR family of sensors is fully integrated with the CMOS process to create a completely monolithic solution. In terms of power efficiency, the device can perform switching, positioning and rotation measurement, while consuming less than 350nA on average.

The Crocus CT51x family of devices is in production and is offered in different output configurations and in JEDEC standard SOT-23 and TO-92 packages. These products could be ordered worldwide through our authorized distributors: Future Electronics, Mouser, Comtech, and Weikeng International.

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