CreateLED's AirMAG-2 LED Screens Make an Impact in the Worldwide Audiovisual Market

HONG KONG -- CreateLED Electronics announces that a host of new customer endorsements for its recently introduced AirMAG-2 high performance display screens is helping to drive the growth of the company's business internationally.

Since its introduction to the market in 2014, the AirMAG-2 renowned for its advanced 16-bit colour processing, high definition 2.6mm pixel pitch and extra wide viewing angles of up to 160 degrees, has quickly become the display system of choice for a broad range of fixed and rental applications from corporate theatres and auditoriums to retail displays, car shows, television production sets, concerts and festivals.

According to Mr. David Oh, Managing Director of CreateLED Japan Company Limited, the rationale behind why the world's leading brands, media networks and event organisers are opting for the AirMAG-2 is attributed to the fact that the screen's state-of-the-art display technology and advanced mechanical design not only offers a significantly improved viewing experience for their audiences, but is ultra lightweight and versatile making it quick and easy to install.

"Every client has unique challenges, yet all recognise the cost, time, picture clarity and resolution advantages of the AirMAG-2," expresses Mr. Oh whilst noting that the product's high standards in image brightness, definition and sharpness along with its light output of up to 1,000 nits and 4000:1 contrast ratio, makes it suitable for ambiance creation particularly for indoor venues where audiences might be in close proximity to the screen.

Also available in a second AirMAG-2X configuration which although 18% smaller than its counterpart offers the same functionality plus a 40% increase in pixel density, today's announcement consolidates CreateLED's position in the worldwide LED display market with the AirMAG-2 product series reporting the following high profile customer wins:

Hermes (China): Located in a heritage building of strong historical and architectural importance, a 12 square metre AirMAG-2 LED display has become an integral part of the Hermes Maison flagship store in Shanghai. Prominently positioned on the first floor, the indoor LED with full video capabilities projects eye-catching visual and auditory cues that attract customers with footage of runway shows and short promotional films. An AirMAG-2 also served as the digital backdrop during the store's opening ceremony where it showcased the craftsmanship, tradition and innovation of the luxury French brand.

Samsung Electronics (Korea): Customer engagement at Samsung's Seoul headquarters has improved markedly following the installation of an interactive 8 metre high by 3.5 metre wide AirMAG-2X video wall in the company's corporate theatre. Working in partnership with a local systems integrator, the AirMAG-2X was selected for both its stunning picture quality, as well as meeting the client's need for maximum space utilisation, lower heat dissipation and easy maintenance. Robust and efficient, the cutting-edge screen provides the perfect presentation space for the company's executives to share corporate information and promotional materials.

Four Seasons Hotel New York (USA): CreateLED has provided the Four Seasons Hotel in New York with three AirMAG-2 LED screens for the hotel's prestigious Ty Warner Penthouse Suite. The height of luxury, the wall-mounted screens stream the famous works and paintings of some of the world's most celebrated artists. Displaying an endless art collection through a digital screen, the hotel's guests can now enjoy an inspiring, visual experience that is truly unique.

In addition, Mr. Oh states that CreateLED's AirMAG-2 series is delivering promising results in Japan having confirmed orders amounting to over 250 square metres from the market's leading audiovisual systems integrators. Comments Mr. Oh, "These LED panels are primarily for high end rental applications servicing car shows, sports, entertainment, exhibitions, conventions and trade events."

Mr. Takenaka Hideaki, Chief Executive Officer of Takenaka Company Limited, one of Japan's leading event systems businesses and a valued CreateLED customer, states that the AirMAG-2 product range is ideally suited for rental and staging purposes as its lightweight, small pitch configuration means it can 'float' from position to position and be suspended from any height.

"These products are easily maneuverable and precise which allows you to lift, swing or turn your display in any direction," says Mr. Takenaka. "This explains why customers are selecting the AirMAG-2 and AirMAG-2X over competitive products. These displays offer outstanding colour fidelity and are the most versatile screens in the industry. In turn, our clients are increasingly recognising the advantages of investing in CreateLED's solutions and the outstanding value they bring to their meetings and events."

As a result, CreateLED's Mr. Oh remarks that the AirMAG-2 is beginning to establish itself as one of the most popular brands in the market. "The AirMAG-2 is a dynamic product that is ideally suited to a wide range of visual needs," he concludes.

"We designed this product range for customers wanting a high impact, economical solution whether it is for permanent installations or mobile events where the requirement is for a lightweight, high performance LED video screen that is durable and easy to operate."

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