CPU Cooler Delivers Big Performance In Small Package

CPU Cooler Delivers Big Performance In Small Package

The HEX 1.0 CPU cooler relies on the company’s SilverCore technology to meet today's high-performance computing needs in a much smaller form factor, allowing for the use of enclosures ranging from mini-ITX to full size EATX towers. The cooler comes equipped with a dedicated control board that provides Variable Assist Cooling (VAC). Users can maximize thermal performance while minimizing the power and fan noise associated with increasing CPU load conditions. VAC combines a state-of-the-art heat pump with electronic control hardware and firmware that allows the CPU Cooler to respond to the changing load and ambient conditions. The Phononic CPU Cooler is available for pre-order from Indiegogo with special perks for early adopters, and will be available for delivery in November 2015.

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