Counters and Tachometers from Crouzet

Crouzet Automatismes SAS

Crouzet Automatismes SAS, France, offers a revised range of 120 counters and tachometers for the industrial and building sectors. Improvements include advances in design and ergonomics, more functions based on combinations of inputs, 2-color or backlit double LCDs, 54 new part numbers for dual-function products, counting frequency up to 50 kHz, option to select output functions, removable connectors, complete power supply ranges for electromechanical products, dimensions from 15 by 32 to 48 by 48, and a dedicated range for DIN mounting. Applications include speed control/time management; positioning control, distance, and travel calculations; and counting and meter functions for recording service hours and energy consumption.

Contact Info

Company: Crouzet Automatismes SAS
Country: France
Phone number: 800-677-5311
Fax: 800-677-3865

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