Couchbase Enables Real-Time Visibility to Manage Millions of Connected Enterprise Devices

SANTA CLARA, CA --- Couchbase, Inc. announces its database supports device management capabilities for millions of connected enterprise devices on Verizon Labs’ innovative IoT platform. Verizon is radically simplifying the process of developing new IoT solutions and accelerating time to market. Businesses can gain actionable insights on the millions, and one day billions, of connected devices on Verizon’s IoT platform supported by Couchbase.

Today’s enterprises require the ability to connect all its devices into a comprehensive network and to get usable information from it. Modern enterprises are increasingly connecting a wide array of devices such as sensors, smart meters, connected cars, security alarm panels and more. In order to gain meaning and extract trends from this data, enterprises need to be able to collect and aggregate data in real-time.

“Customer experience is the new competitive battlefield for IoT developers and providers,” wrote Bhavish Sood, research director at Gartner, et al. “The convergence of IoT and a data-driven approach toward customer experience allows enterprises to use sensor data in real time to offer greater personalization for products and services. It is the data generated by devices; collected at endpoints, gateways and in the cloud; and consumed in analytic applications that will enable enterprises to derive value from participating in IoT.”

Couchbase’s technology was selected to support Verizon’s IoT platform because of its scale of deployment, flexible schema and ease-of-use. Unlike relational databases, Couchbase’s NoSQL document-oriented database enables enterprises to scale quickly to support billions of connected devices and to achieve sub-milliseconds latency lookup. Enterprises rely on Verizon’s IoT platform to support mission-critical applications and capabilities, requiring a continuously available platform. Couchbase’s cross data center replication ensures the platform is available 24x7.

Every connected device and sensor has unique and varying characteristics. Utilizing Couchbase’s JSON flexibility and schema-free architecture, enterprises can easily represent complex and varying data. Additionally, any new devices or changes to device characteristics can be easily made without application downtime or redesigning the data model.

“Today, there are six billion IoT connected devices, with projections of 20 billion connected devices by 2020,” said Mohanraj Umapathy, director of IoT platform, Verizon Labs. “This magnitude of devices and data requires cutting-edge technology that meets these unprecedented needs of scale and responsivity. Couchbase technology helps us provide the enterprise-grade stability, predictable performance, scalability and flexibility necessary to gain real-time actionable insights and information into the millions of connected devices we support on our IoT platform.”

With Couchbase’s support, Verizon’s IoT network enables customers to maintain always-on, always-active applications and to receive ad-hoc reporting for trend insights and device management.

“The future of enterprise success in the Digital Economy will rely heavily on data management as enterprises’ mission-critical applications and devices become increasingly more connected,” said Bob Wiederhold, Couchbase CEO. “Couchbase is enabling some of the world’s most innovative enterprises to harness Verizon’s IoT network data in meaningful ways and to inform important business decisions vital for lasting success.”

Verizon Labs’ Director of IoT Platform Mohanraj Umapathy presented a general session keynote and a breakout session about this innovative use case at Couchbase Connect 2016 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

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