Coto Technology Features Next Generation of its Award Winning RedRock Switch at Sensors Expo

North Kingstown, RI -- Coto Technology will be exhibiting at Sensors Expo & Conference in Rosemont, IL June 24-26, 2014 (Booth #300). Featured will be the newest generation of Coto’s award-winning RedRock MEMS switch – the smallest switch in the world – which is now reduced to half of its original size! RedRock was awarded 2013 Product of the Year (MEMS category), by Electronic Products magazine, published by Hearst Business Media. This prestigious award followed an exhaustive review / challenge process by Electronic Products’ editorial staff of more than 1000 new products issued in 2013.

In accordance with the selection process guidelines, products considered for the Product of the Year award must demonstrate significant advancement in technology and innovation in design or substantial strides in price/performance. The RedRock MEMS switch breaks the size barrier for reed switches. As the first commercialized high-aspect-ratio MEMS (HARM) technology with zero electrical power, small size and high-power switching capability, RedRock opens doors to previously unrealized medical, commercial and consumer devices.

According to Richard Comerford, Electronic Products editor and specialist in the realm of MEMS technology, “While traditional reed-switch technology has reached its practical size limit, the RedRock MEMS-based reed switch from Coto Technology has a volume approximately 8X less than the smallest available conventional reed switch.”

Although the RedRock product is, by itself, exceptional, according to Comerford, it’s not just the product that is judged when determining a product of the year. “It is the potential for commercial success,” he said. “RedRock makes us consider a different direction in terms of what MEMS can do. RedRock is right for the times; it’s new technology; it shows new innovation. That’s why RedRock has been awarded Product of the Year.”

Also featured at Sensors Expo (Booth #300) will be Coto’s CT10 and CT05 molded reed switches from our Coto Classic line as well as the company’s CotoMOS product line of solid state solutions. For more information, visit

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