Cost-Effective, Pro-quality 3D Scanning Coming to Android

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Scandy teams up with pmdtechnologies (pmd) to unveil Scandy Pro for Android built with Scandy Core. With only a consumer mobile phone and attached 3D sensor, Scandy Pro rivals professional scanning equipment that costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Precise, affordable, portable, and fast, Scandy Pro empowers users to create detailed 3D scans from an Android device in real time using the pmd pico flexx ToF sensor. Scandy Pro captures features as small as 0.3 millimeters with a .25 meter bounding box and 36 millimeters with a bounding box of three meters in size. Users can also use Scandy Pro's on-device editing for quick cropping, resizing, and more.

Before Scandy Pro, anyone who wanted quality 3D scanning had to spend thousands of dollars for high-resolution 3D scanners that are tethered to a computer, or settle for imprecise 3D scans from photogrammetry or structured light scanners on a mobile device. Now, powerful 3D scanning is pocket-sized, with Scandy Pro.

Scandy Core, an SDK that is open to developers, allows Android devices to track and scan objects, resolving each frame of 3D data in an average of .32 seconds. Scandy Pro compiles and renders 3D scans in-app, usable for a variety of professional and consumer applications like AR/VR, CAD, or 3D printing.


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