Corrosion Inspection from GE Sensing & Inspection

Corrosion Inspection from GE Sensing & Inspection
GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies

The Phasor CV/DM ultrasonic phase array inspection device from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies, Billerica, MA, provides corrosion spot identification. With the phased-array technology, multiple ultrasonic beams are extended. Software displays inspection data; the probe has 38 adjacent and discrete elements to allow extensive linear coverage. The software lets the user select and display thickness measurements in each discrete beam, the minimum thickness in a current view, and the minimum thickness recorded during a current scan since the last time the instrument was reset. An A-scan is provided to confirm readings in a traditional format. Applications include oil and gas, process, aerospace, power generation, and general engineering sectors.

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Company: GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies

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