Coral8, IBM Teams to Provide Integrated RFID Solutions

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Coral8, Inc., a leading provider of Complex Event Processing (CEP) software, announced that IBM has integrated the Coral8 Engine with WebSphere RFID Information Center v1.1. In addition both companies announced a joint marketing and distribution agreement where all IBM customers using the new version of WebSphere RFID Information Center are eligible to use a free deployment license of the Coral8 Engine. This relationship will allow IBM customers to build and deploy their first RFID operational intelligence and real-time analytical application with Coral8 at no cost.

"WebSphere RFID Information Center and Coral8 are highly complementary," said Paraic Sweeney, vice president, product management, IBM. "Together, we will help customers establish a real-time manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution environment delivering information from RFID sensor networks on demand."

Under the terms of the teaming agreement, Coral8 and IBM will jointly market WebSphere RFID Information Center with the Coral8 Engine to companies in a number of industries requiring high volume RFID sensor networking solutions. These include pharmaceuticals, aerospace and defense, consumer packaged goods, retail, warehousing and distribution, life sciences, health care, and automotive. Any company using the new version of the IBM product can use the Coral8 Adapter as a plug-in to establish rules for how their supply chain should work and what should happen if an exception to these rules occurs.

"We are pleased to work with the industry-leading RFID solution in WebSphere RFID Information Center," said Terry Cunningham, CEO of Coral8. "The seamless integration between Coral8 and WebSphere RFID Information Center will allow customers to easily implement real-time RFID and sensor network applications."

The Coral8 Adapter for WebSphere RFID Information Center is available now and will ship with Version 1.1 of WebSphere RFID Information Center. The free Coral8 Engine deployment license for IBM WebSphere RFID Information Center customers is available immediately. The Coral8 Engine can be freely downloaded from the Coral8 website. For further details on the free Coral8 Engine deployment license, please click here.

About the Coral8 Engine
The Coral8 Engine combines a high-performance event processing architecture, a familiar, SQL-based development language, and enterprise-class server features to ease the building and deployment of CEP applications. Coral8 removes development complexity, reduces time-to-deployment and lowers administration costs to get powerful CEP applications delivered quickly and scaled anywhere in the enterprise.

About Coral8
Based in Mountain View, CA, Coral8, Inc. is a leading provider of software for complex event processing (CEP). Bringing together high-performance, an innovative SQL-based programming language and enterprise-class features, the Coral8 Engine is the fastest, lowest cost way to build and deploy powerful new CEP applications. For more information, visit the company's Web site or call (650) 210-3810.

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