Coral8 and SenseIQ Partner for Sensor Data Integration

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and SUNNYVALE, Calif. /PRNewswire/ -- Coral8 Inc., provider of Complex Event Processing (CEP) software, and SenseIQ Inc., provider of real-time asset visibility application software for hospitals, have formed a strategic OEM partnership. Under the terms of the agreement, SenseIQ will embed the Coral8 Engine inside the SenseIQ InSight system for real-time processing, aggregation, and correlation of sensor reads and events.

SenseIQ says its InSight product helps hospitals to increase efficiency, improve patient safety, raise quality control and reduce costs by allowing them to locate, track and monitor equipment, staff, patients and medicines in real-time. It helps customers make smart decisions to optimize workflows and business processes based on the combination of real time asset movement and information from other co-existing systems, the company says. This allows the timely movement of equipment to critical areas, security of sensitive assets, optimization of inventory, and elimination of asset shrinkage.

SenseIQ InSight will embed the Coral8 engine to run application-defined continuous queries that will aggregate and correlate sensor events, reference and historical data in real-time. This will track the movement of sensitive assets, providing alerts and timely information inside SenseIQ InSight that will drive better decision-making through the organization.

"Strong developer support, reliability, and a fast, easy-to-deploy platform were among the criteria used when evaluating CEP software vendors," said Jatin Maniar, president, SenseIQ. "Coral8 demonstrated all of these qualities in addition to a true understanding of the growing impact of real- time asset visibility for our healthcare customers."

"Enabling our solution partners to deliver new applications is a critical part of our strategy and a key measuring stick for our success," said Terry Cunningham, CEO of Coral8. "The fact that solutions like SenseIQ InSight, powered by Coral8, can lower healthcare costs without compromising patient care serves as proof that CEP technology can revitalize almost any market sector."

The SenseIQ InSight application software platform is the first location-aware real-time asset visibility software platform for hospitals specifically designed to support multiple real-time location technologies including RFID, WiFi, Ultrasound, Ultrawideband, ZigBee, Infrared and other communication technologies. It contains a comprehensive suite of easy to use asset visibility capabilities, easy to manage asset lifecycle management capabilities, reporting capabilities and a highly sophisticated business rules and workflow engine for automating and enforcing mission critical business processes. The flexible and powerful web services based platform enables customers to focus on solving their business problems and dramatically increase their return on investments in real-time location hardware technology most suitable for their business.

About SenseIQ
Based in Sunnyvale, Calif., SenseIQ is a Real-time Asset Visibility application software platform company whose mission is to empower enterprises with smart decision making capability based on real time asset visibility and utilization. Using SenseIQ's suite of solutions, your enterprise can automate transactions, streamline operations, optimize business processes and increase intelligent information access across your enterprise's ecosystem. For more information, visit the company's Web site or call (650) 996-1353.

About the Coral8 Engine
The Coral8 Engine combines a high-performance continuous processing architecture with an evolutionary SQL-based language (CCL) that is familiar to developers, and enterprise-class deployment features. The Coral8 Engine eliminates development complexity, reduces deployment time and lowers administration costs, providing the easiest, most cost-efficient path to powerful CEP applications. The Developer Edition of the Coral8 Engine can be downloaded for free from the Coral8 Developer Center.

About Coral8
Based in Mountain View, Calif., Coral8, Inc. is a leading provider of complex event processing (CEP) software, a key ingredient in real-time business execution. Bringing together high-performance, an SQL-based programming language and enterprise-class features, the Coral8 Engine is the easiest, most cost-efficient way to add powerful real-time event processing to applications, helping uncover new business opportunities and expose potential threats as they occur. For more information, visit the company's Web site or call (650) 210-3810.

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