CoorsTek Sensors Acquires Finnish Sensor Company Pegasor, Oy

GRAND JUNCTION, CO -- CoorsTek Sensors, a company that develops and deploys smart sensors across diverse markets, announces that it acquired sensor company Pegasor, Oy of Tampere, Finland. Pegasor, founded in 2008, is recognized as one of Scandinavia's most promising growth companies in the cleantech sector, based on its breakthrough innovation in fine and nanoparticle sensor technologies.

According to the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution in and outside of people's homes is the world's largest single environmental health risk, resulting in millions of premature deaths annually. The WHO's most recent report of air quality in 1600 cities across 91 countries indicates that only 12% of people living in these cities enjoy air quality that meets WHO air-quality standards.

Through the Pegasor acquisition, CoorsTek Sensors will expand beyond its current solutions in the automotive-sensor market into the growing market of solutions to monitor air quality, including: sensors targeting urban air quality monitoring networks; indoor air quality monitoring in commercial and industrial facilities; and smoke-stack emission monitoring systems.

"With the acquisition and integration of Pegasor, CoorsTek Sensors has become the world's most capable particulate matter sensor company," said Timothy Coors, CEO of CoorsTek Sensors. "CoorsTek Sensors' technology will play a critical role in reversing the deteriorating levels of air quality present in cities around the world by identifying locations where air quality falls below acceptable standards and the specific contaminants of concern, which are critical initial steps in improving air quality to improve public health and ultimately save lives."

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