Coolpad Launches Secure, Dual-system Smartphone, The Coolpad Max

SHENZHEN, China -- Chinese smartphone maker Coolpad has launched its 2016 flagship smartphone, the Coolpad Max, for global markets, as part of its efforts to expand beyond its home market.

The Coolpad Max comes equipped with a dual-system: an external open system that has all features normally expected in a cellphone plus an internal security system which allows for encryption of the phone user's calls and texts. Users can download fully secure apps via the exclusive software stored into the internal system that comes equipped with secure financial applications, including mobile payment. In an era when information security is gaining increasing attention worldwide, the Coolpad Max is a smartphone fully equipped to ensure theprivacy and security of the user's private information.

Coolpad, one of the earliest smartphone manufacturers and sellers in China, counts among the country's four leading smartphone vendors, sharing the spotlight with household names Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo. The phone maker has established longstanding relationships with several internationally reputed mobile operators, including Vodafone, Orange and SFR. Coolpad, the inventor of the dual-SIM technology, has since been focused on the research and development of innovative and secure dual-system smartphones based on its strong R&D competence, with the aim of ensuring information security for both its corporate and individual customers.

Coolpad chairman David Guo said at the second World Internet Conference held in Wuzhen, China in December, 2015, "I hope our company, with its innovative products, can make contributions to the further development of the global internet and communication sectors, and allow cell phone users around the world to securely access the mobile ecosystem. Coolpad is well-positioned to enhance the security of its smartphone systems in order to ensure information security for all users."

Mr. Guo further explained that Coolpad has long been committed to boosting its smartphone sales through partnerships with mobile operators worldwide, and has taken on a journey of transformation with the expansion of its proprietary portfolio. The Coolpad Max, a high-end flagship smartphone for the international market, is another milestone product launched by the company since the roll-out of its first dual-SIM cell phone in 2005.

Coolpad launched a proprietary brand-based international development strategy in May, 2015, and has since made progress in implementing the strategy. To date, the company has expanded into North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa, among other international markets, with the mission of providing the best cell phone product and services to more consumers around the world. According to the chairman, overseas sales exceeded 2 billion yuan (approx. US$300 million) in 2014, a rise of 500 percent from the prior year. The company further enhanced its competitiveness in the international market in 2015 by expanding its proprietary brand into more countries and regions, efforts that are bound to lead to a further increase in its sales.

A campaign announcing the Coolpad Max is debuting on the large billboard overlooking New York's Times Square during this year's Christmas holiday period, sending a clear message that the Chinese smartphone maker plans to continue expanding its proprietary brand in world markets during the coming year.

CONTACT: He Wenlong, +86-755-8330-1199 Ext. 82286, [email protected]

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