coolNYC Program Connects your Window AC To Summer Savings

NEW YORK, NY -- coolNYC, the window air conditioner program offered by Con Edison that connects New Yorkers with technology to control their ACs using a smartphone or mobile device, is rewarding customers who sign up now and stay connected throughout the summer.

coolNYC's currency is coolPoints, and participants can earn between $25 and $125 in coolPoints just for signing up, connecting their AC units to Wi-Fi, and using them throughout the summer. coolPoints can be redeemed for gift cards from national retailers like Amazon, Macy's, Tango and Fandango, and for contributions to charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.

Earn enough coolPoints and you get to keep the smartAC kit.

How to earn coolPoints all summer long:
•Get your free app and smartAC kit and plug it in. Earn points immediately.
•Earn points for participating in coolNYC Events (energy savings times) throughout the summer.
•If you have a Wi-Fi-enabled AC like a Friedrich Kuhl or Frigidaire Cool-Connect, you can enroll it and earn up to $125 in coolPoints.
•Earn $10 in coolPoints for referring each of your friends. (Limited offer.)

Once you outfit your AC unit with a smartAC kit, you can control your AC from anywhere with your free app, adjust the room temperature, set up schedules and track your energy use.

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