Convert your Portable Handheld Dot Peen Marking System Into a Benchtop Machine

First you have the Micro Mark portable dot peen marker from KwikMark Inc. which features a compact (3” x 5” x 6”) head size, and a generous 1.0” x 2.5” marking field to suit most industrial marking applications making it ideal for hand held applications as well as on-machine integration. Additional I/O streamlines “handshaking” with other machinery when required, and allows importing data from external files. The Micro Mark features automatic line centering to your part whether it is single or multiple lines, graphics or both with no measuring or operator input required. This is perfect for marking around parts such as shafts, pipes and more.

Then add the Bench Top Micro Mark Stand that has a large machine bed with a 24” tall column that can accommodate large parts. The removable handle / guide assembly provides more clearance with less clutter. The “snap-in” mount results in quick change over and requires no tools. The base plate has pre-tapped holes for mounting your own fixture or choose from one of our optional mini vises, vacuum plates, t-slot tables, etc.

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