ConvenientPower Launches World's First Higher Power Wireless Charger

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- ConvenientPower unveils the world's first wireless charger that scales the Qi wireless charging standard up to the 15 watts higher power range where Qi wireless charging devices can be wirelessly charged when placed in any position, any direction and location on the charging pad. The new higher power 15 watts feature also launches fast charging and wireless charging to an expanded range of Qi wireless charging devices beyond mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets to tablets and notebooks.

WoW15w is the world's first scalable multi-coil wireless charging transmitter pad, meeting all requirements of the newest release Qi standard v1.2.

"WoW15w is a new milestone in scaling ConvenientPower's technology platform design. Scalability and greater spatial freedom deliver a superior user experience as well as reducing design and execution risk across a wider range of industrial design and power needs," said Camille Tang, President and Co-Founder, ConvenientPower.

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