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SCL Elements

SCL Elements, Montreal, QC, Canada, offers its second-generation CAN2GO building automation wired and wireless controllers and gateways. The new CAN2GO Universal and VAV controllers and the GW2 gateway have 400 MHz processors, 64 MB of RAM, and 2 GB of flash storage and provide simultaneous control and BACnet IP integration of digital and analog I/O, Modbus peripherals, and EnOcean and ZigBee wireless devices. The added power lets each locally-programmable unit handle more wired and wireless control points. The UN2, VA2, and GW2 each have embedded BACnet IP gateways for integration with third-party BACnet systems. Embedded Web servers host the CAN2GO Web BMS building management system for single and multi-site small and medium buildings <100,000 square feet.

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Company: SCL Elements
Country: Canada
Phone number: 514-313-8885
Fax: 514-313-8894

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