Continuous Position Sensor Shrugs Off Intense UV/EUV Photons

Continuous Position Sensor Shrugs Off Intense UV/EUV Photons
Opto Diode Corp., a div. of ITW

The ODD-SXUV-DLPSD duo-lateral ultraviolet/extreme ultraviolet (UV/EUV0 submicron-position resolution sensor resides in a TO-8 windowless package that minimizes changes in its responsivity after exposure to intense UV/EUV photons. Promising a highly stable response after exposure to ultraviolet and/or extreme ultraviolet radiation, the component provides a 5 mm x 5 mm active area and suits positioning applications requiring the use of a sub 200-nm wavelength. It detects light from 1 nm to 400 nm and responsivity at 13 nm is typically 0.20 A/W while responsivity at 254 nm is typically 0.02 A/W. In operation, dark current is 10 nA typical and 50 nA maximum. Other features include a reverse breakdown voltage of 50V minimum, capacitance range from of 40 pF typical to 60 pF maximum, and an operating/storage temperature range from -10ºC to +40ºC ambient and -20ºC to +80ºC in nitrogen or vacuum. For further information, visit

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Company: Opto Diode Corp., a div. of ITW
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