Continuous Monitoring System from Veriteq

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Veriteq, a Vaisala company

Veriteq, a Vaisala company, Richmond, BC, Canada, offers the viewLinc 3.5 continuous monitoring system that is fully validatable for FDA-regulated, GxP-compliant environments and applications where product quality or patient safety is a concern. The system provides continuous records, 24/7 alarming, and automated reporting and can be easily deployed to monitor temperature, RH, carbon dioxide, differential pressure, level, and door switches. Features include full scalability for large installations, the ability to assign alarm and notification delivery to specific staff or service providers, zone security, and flexible installation options. The system can be deployed to existing Ethernet-wired, Power over Ethernet, and WiFi networks.

Contact Info

Company: Veriteq, a Vaisala company
Country: Canada
Phone number: 800-683-8374

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