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Lion Precision

The Triskelion tactile probe system from IBS Precision Engineering, distributed in the U.S. by Lion Precision, St. Paul, MN, is a high-precision, 3D contact probe suited for point measurements, scanning with a CMM, or in other applications. The probe uses Lion's noncontact displacement sensors to measure, within a few nanometers, the deflection of the very thin, stiff stylus when it contacts the part being inspected; the measurement is used to calculate the surface location. The stylus is 8.5 mm long, has a 250 µm stylus ball radius, 160 mg moving mass, 70 N/m isotropic probing stiffness, ≤0.3 mN typical measuring force, ±10 µm measuring range (X, Y), and 3 nm measurement resolution.

Contact Info

Company: Lion Precision
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 651-484-6544
Fax: 651-484-6824

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